Paladin of Heironeous


Name: Guillaume (ghee-yohm)
Class; Paladin (of Heironeous)
Level: 1 (Gallant)

STR 16 (Atk/Dmg 0/1, Weight 350#, Open/Bend 1-3/10%)
INT 10 ( + 2 lang)
WIS 16 (+ 2 Mag atk adj)
CON 13 (System Shock/Res 85%/90%)
CHA 17 (10 henchmen, Loyalty/Reaction + 30%/ + 30%)

EXP: ( +10%): 0 (2,750 to lvl 2)
AC: 3 (Splinted Mail + Lg Shield)
HP: 10/10

Saving Throws
Para/Poison/Death: 14
Petra/Poly: 15
Rods/Staff/Wand: 15
Breath: 17
Spell: 17 (+2 vs. mind/will affecting spells)

Weapon: Long Sword (1d8+1), Short Bow (1d6) 24 arrows

Languages: Common, Lawful Good, Orcish, Gnoll

Class Abilities
Detect Evil – At will, 60’ directional, requires concentration
All saving throws +2
Immunity to disease
Lay on Hands – Daily. Touch heals 2 hp/lvl
Cure Disease – 1/wk
Protection from Evil – Continual 1” rad. (-2 to hit, +2 saves)
Class Restrictions
Cannot amass wealth
Must Tithe
Only LG henchmen and good adventuring companions

Gear: Waterskin, Rope (50’), 5 torches, tinder box, 1 week standard rations


Guillaume is a young knight-errant seeking adventure in the countryside around Verbobonc. He has recently stepped into the small village of Hommlet and has met up with Duke and Mesmir, two adventurers who seem interested in searching out dark places with him.

Guillaume fiercely hates evil, but feels men have a choice and can be turned from evil, This opportunity for change is not extended to goblinoids, demons and other supernatural entities.


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