Greyhorc Adventures

ToEE #6
Lareth, at last

After finding the secret passage in Lubash's lair, the party proceeded down the stairs into the lower dungeons. There they:

a. Parleyed with a pack of disgruntled gnolls. After doubling the gnolls pay, the gnolls left the dugeon with no further trouble.

b. Knocked on Lareth's door, only to be given an appointment time for the next day and be sent rudely away.

c. Examined to secret passage in the torture foom. Duke and Elmo were lowered down and discovered it led to a ghoul lair.

d. Ambushed by one of Lareth's Amazonian guards and 4 bugbears. The party overcame in the end.

e. Barged there way into Lareth's quarters. After a pitched battle, the party defeated the guards, sergeants, officer, and Lareth himself.

Looting ensued!








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30 shields, 12 suits of leather armor, 2-qty 5 gallon barrels of brandy (80gp ea), 50 spears, 10 glaives, 6 gisarmes, 3 battle axes, 70 black capes, 120 arrows, 200 crossbow bolts, 823 cp, 76 sp, 79 gp, 18 pp, silver necklace (450 gp), 4-qty gems (50 gp ea), 1-qty 100 gp gem, neck chain (50 gp), 1-qty gem (100 gp), platinum chain (1000 gp), Topaz (500 gp), silver serving pieces (4000 gp), alabaster box of unguents (800 gp), gold chain with diamond chips (5000 gp), black opal (1000 gp), exquisite piece of jewelry (10000 gp)


phylactery of action, staff of striking +3 (17 charges), plate mail +1




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